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Guys I Don't Like - Week 7

Last week's results:

Earnest Graham, RB, Tampa Bay --  (13 carries for 39 yards, 6 catches for 17 yards) - Six catches for 17 yards?  Let me guess, the screen pass wasn't working?  CORRECT

Chad Johnson, WR, Cincinnati -- (8 catches for 83 yards) - Not a terrible day,  but not  what you needed from your top receiver.  CORRECT

Eli Manning, QB, NY Giants -- (27 for 39, 303 passing yds, 2 touchdowns,  2 interceptions) - Ugh, the Falcons just stink. There's no way around it.  How did this team beat Houston?  WRONG

Last week's score: 2-1 (.667)
Score to Date:  12-6 (.667)

This week's picks:

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota vs Dallas - Is it bold and outrageous for me to select the NFL's leading rusher as a bad fantasy play?  Not really.  The Cowboys run defense is still very good and they certainly won't be surprised by Peterson after last week's performance.  

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona vs Washington - Tim Rattay + Stellar Washington Defense = A bad day.  How's that for a clear and concise review?

Jay Cutler, QB, Denver vs Pittsburgh - Javon Walker is out for four weeks, which leaves Marshall and Stokley as the Bronco WRs.  Really.  More importantly, the Broncos are facing a ferocious Pittsburgh defense; a defense that absolutely stifled Matt Hasselbeck two weeks ago.  Cutler is a good fantasy quarterback but this won't be a bright spot of his 2007 season.