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Football News From Yesterday

Week Six of the fantasy football season, and coincidentally of the NFL, is the type of week one hopes to draw a lucky break in the event of injuries and bye weeks combining to leave you no choice but to pull a player from the pool and hope. To hope your opponent forgets to set their line-up or forgets a player is on bye. Or for you to start Jerious Norwood and see him rip-off a 67-yard TD on his team's first possession of the game.

Those would have been a few lucky breaks, but there were also a slew of pool QB's who did the equivalent. Amongst these were the Dolphins' Cleo Lemon, the Jaguars Dave Garrard, the Bears' Brian Greise and the Chiefs' Damon Huard. Are any of these solid play week-to-week? No, but one of them may provide some magic at some other week. Just hope you're lucky enough to find him twice.

Player Comp Att Yds YPA TD INT Pass. Pts Total Fantasy Points
Brian Greise 25 45 381 8.47 3 2 29.24 29.34
Cleo Lemon 24 43 256 5.95 2 2 18.24 31.14
Dave Garrard 22 34 221 6.5 2 0 20.84 23.44
Damon Huard 25 35 264 7.54 2 0 22.56 22.46
Jeff Garcia 20 31 271 8.74 1 0 16.84 16.94

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