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Guys I Like (But Not Like That) - Week 7

Last week's results:

Dominic Rhodes, RB, Oakland - (No stats)  Well, he didn't play.  Which is definitely an incorrect pick.  WRONG  

Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seattle-- (26 for 43, 362 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interceptons).  You mean the Seahawks threw for 362 yards and they lost the game?  Oh that's right, I don't care as long as I get the 362 yards.  RIGHT

Bryant Johnson, WR, Arizona -- (4 catches for 29 yards)  Hardly a great fantasy performance.  WRONG

Last week's score: 1-2  (.500)
Score to Date:  6-12 (.333)

This week's picks:

Ben Obomanu, TE, Seattle -- It's time for Obomania baby!  Despite not being a starter, Big Ben has 6 catches for 110 yards and a touchdown over the past two weeks.  His playing time will be dependent on the health of Hackett and Branch, but as long as he keeps playing like this he could be a nice bye-week fill-in for larger leagues.

Jon Kitna, QB, Detroit vs Tampa Bay - Kitna was completely shut down by the Redskins two weeks ago, but he's the still the heart of an offense that ranks 9th in scoring.  Roy Williams is healthy after a bye week and the Lions can finally unleash (if that's the word) the RB combo of Tatum Bell and Kevin Jones.  The Lions are rested and ready, the Bucs are beginning to tire.  I like Kitna big in this game.

Jerious Norwood, RB, Atlanta vs New Orleans - OK Petrino, will you start giving the ball to Norwood now?  Norwood's 67 yard touchdown run was the high point of the Falcons' nationally televised beating on Monday and it made clear to everybody what we already knew  -- Norwood is a fantasy star waiting to be set loose.  Don't make me come after you with a bat Petrino!