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Three Questions -- Week 7

Question #1 - Are my fantasy Cardinals doomed by Tim Rattay? - Aaargh!   After seeing visions of Kurt Warner return to glory with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, it all comes crashing down with an injury.  Now Tim Rattay takes over against a tough Redskins defense, which doesn't bode well for your fantasy Cardinals this week.  Both Boldin and Fitzgerald have performed well in the past with less than impressive quarterbacks, but if you're starting one of the Cardinals you don't want to see Tim Rattay behind center.    

Question #2 - Is the Texans' passing game really this good? -  Yes, it is.  The Texans are currently 6th in the NFL with 260.8 passing yards per game, the same average as Peyton Manning and the Colts.  More surprisingly, it hasn't been the Andre' Johnson show.  OK, it was for a while, but now it's not just the Andre' Johnson show.  Kevin Walter was the leading receiver for Week 6, Andre Davis had some good games and TE Owen Daniels has become one of the leading fantasy tight ends.  Matt Schaub has his poor games, but he has become a reliable fantasy quarterback.  

Question #3 - Since Tomlinson and Johnson had big weeks, is this the week Gore returns to form too? -  Probably not.  The Giants have allowed 96.5 rushing yards per game, though they have given up an above-average six rushing touchdowns.  Alex Smith is still out with injury so the amazing (not in a good way) Trent Dilfer remains at the helm.  It will probably be another long week for Gore.