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Baseball News From Yesterday - Colorado Rockies Prediction

Congratulations to the Colorado Rockies for making the World Series in tie-breaking fashion - sweeping the NL play-off games to get there.  This reminds me of something I said back at the end of March:

The Colorado Rockies are the sleeper team of 2007. I know the consensus have coalesced around the Brewers and Diamondbacks, but the Rockies have the best offense in the NL West - by far, and can only be topped by the Mets in all the NL. Holliday, Hawpe, Atkins, Helton at the core. Tulowitzki, Iannetta, Tavares and Matsui/Carroll on the next level. Jeff Baker may be the best bench hitter in the majors leagues this season and Steve Finley and Yorvit Torreabla are better than most teams back-up CF and C.

I whiffed on Baker, Iannetta and Finley, but otherwise would consider that statement right-on given the difficulty of predicting the future.  If I had predicted a team that started Josh Fogg in Game One of the LDS or had given rookie Franklyn Morales two three-inning starts amongst those seven wins to make the Worls Series, then I'd be shooting a late-night psychic helpline commercial right now instead of writing this post.

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