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Decisions, Decisions, and an FTRL Update

In my money league this week I have to choose between Leon Washington, Kevin Curtis and Ladell Betts as my final flex player.  The league scores individual kick/punt return yards and TDs, so the safe bet is probably Washington.  He's almost certain to score at least a few points just on return yards, though it would be nice if he could run back another TD.  The only one of my options with breakout potential is Curtis.   The Jets' pass defense is terrible and the Eagles should be fired up after the bye week.  Washington should get me 5 points or so, but the ceiling is probably only  about 12.  Curtis' point totals for the four games he's played so far: 6, 4, 45, 3.   So there you go.  I'm going with Curtis and keeping my fingers crossed.

In the Fake Teams Reader League my team is pretty much a mash-up of second rate losers.  Looking back, I had one incredibly bad draft.  Matt Leinart, Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Cedric Benson, Javon Walker, Chris Brown, Troy Williamson.  Ugh.  It all seemed so promising in August.

The good teams are far more interesting.  The Game of the Week is between the 4-1 Tim Donaghy's Kneecaps and the 5-0 The Sons of Disaster. The Kneecaps feature the league's best RB squad with Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch and Jamal Lewis.  Oh yeah, and Larry Johnson as a #4 RB.  The Sons have been riding Randy Moss all season to make up for a fairly weak QB corps of Bulger and Pennington.  The website has the Kneecaps as a 14 point favorite, but the Disaster Boys have Sammy Morris starting again this week for the Pats, so it should be closer than that.