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Week Six Disappointments - Cedric Benson

I don't know if being right about Kurt Warner's over-hyped pick-up has acted like an antacid to quell the taste of vomit in my throat or not, but I am not as disgusted as I should be given I am likely to lose two of my four league games. The regurgitative causes were all RBs - Cedric Benson, Sammie Morris and Justin Fargas.

Fargas is the worst as reports had Lamont Jordan as unlikely to play given the worst back pain he has felt recently. Not only did Jordan play, but he dominated the touches at RB! Sammie Morris was hurt, but that doesn't make me any less sick. He did have a measley 14 yards on ten carries!

Finally, there is Chicago Bears RB Cedric Benson who just can't produce like the late second/early thrid round pick he was. Who would have thought how much better Thomas Jones actually was than Benson! If the Bears had a viable back-up, he should be grabbed as Benson is insufferable!

POS Player Team Att/Rec/Comp Yds TD More
RB Cedric Benson CHI 18 67 0 2-18-0 Rec
RB Justin Fargas OAK 2 10 0 1-16-0 Rec
RB Sammie Morris NE 10 14 0 Left with Injury