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Week Six Open Game Thread - Jerious Norwood

When the season began, I felt comfortable having drafted two back-up RBs in the expectation that one would be starting by October.  Unfortunately, neither Jerious Norwood or Ladell Betts has shown any signs of becoming relevant fantasy backs.  This forced me into the pool a couple of weeks ago to pick-up Ron Dayne.  He has not been the answer, and now I took Aaron Stecker.  However, the bye week has forced me to start one of these coin flips.  On a hunch, I'm going with Norwood.  He has to have a good game at some point, right?  Do the Falcons have any other way to shake-up their team?

Here are some other RB decisions

Rudi Johnson or Kenny Watson:  Reports have Rudi returning today.  However, Watson is expected to start.  If you've got the flexibility to sit Watson, do so.  Otherwise, cross your fingers and hope Rudi can't handle anything but the smallest load and active back would be expected to take.

Ahman Green or Ron Dayne:  Green says he is 100% and coach Gary Kubiak says, "We'll play him normal." Update [2007-10-14 12:11:43 by Eric Hz]: Dayne is inactive.

Fred Taylor or Maurice Jones-Drew:  Taylor has a groin injury, a gr-, gr-, gr-, groin injury.  This may be Jones-Drew's best opportunity to be a #1RB.  

Lawrence Maroney or Sammie Morris:  Despite earlier reports that Maroney would play, recent ones says he will sit.  The advice I like best came from Rotowire/ESPN's Stephania Bell.  She offered-up the tip that the Pats would keep Maroney active if only to have the Cowboys game-plan for him.  Start Morris and sit Maroney.

Lamont Jordon, Justin Fargas or Dominick Rhodes:  To quote Jordan, "This is the worst it's been in years.  Thursday. "I really can't remember it feeling that bad, as it did in the Miami game, but it's getting better. I'm not going to say I'm 100 percent or anything like that."   Start Fargas.  use Rhodes if you must, but be wary he has just a couple weeks of practice.

Earnest Graham or Zack Crockett:  Graham is a must play.  Does anyone really believe the Bucs have a back-up RB to take carries from EG?  Has anyone played this game long enough to be surprised if it happens, though?

Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts or Mike Sellers:  Portis is a must-start.  The question is how much Mike Sellers productive Week Five takes away from the back-up carries previously afforded to Betts.  If compelled to decide, choose to start Betts.  He needs just one score to earn his Week Six expected value.

Brandon Jacobs or Derrick Ward:  If Ward is active, you should start him.  Unfortunately, one won't know until Monday night.  I am not sold on Jacobs yet, but Ward has proven himself already.