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Sports News From Yesterday - John Scheurholz, Randy Couture and Kurt Warner

Yesterday's big news was the stepping down of Braves GM John Schuerholz and the sudden retirement of UFC's heavy weigth champion, Randy Couture.  I can't speak of Couture, but my colleague at Bloody Elbow sure can.  Click through for intelligent commentary about that.

UFC Champ Randy Couture

As for Scheurholz, maybe he is getting out near the top.  Maybe he is just ready to move on.  With the Braves about to lose another piece from its championship years, CF Andruw Jones, through free agency, the job of building the Braves towards October baseball just got a little harder.

The Arizona Cardinals will start Kurt Warner at QB for as long as he can hold on to the ball and remain upright.  While many fantasy players are rushing to pick him up, I am stanind aside wondering when the last time he was good.  Try 2002.  He failed with the Giants while caddying for Eli Manning, and did the same last year for Matt Leinart.  I am not a believer.

And I would never cut Drew Brees for him.

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