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Baseball News - George Mitchell Names Names In Steroids Probe

Buster Olney of ESPN reports that Senator George Mitchell's steroid investigation will report the names of various players it has reason to believe have used performance-enhancing drugs.  With this post, I am sure I am helping usher in one of the top off-season baseball news stories - speculation about who will be named.  To quote from Seinfeld's The Race:

Lew: I knew it was you! You tried to trick Hop Sing! You are on our list; Elaine Benes! And now you are on our list; Ned Isakoff.
Ned: You got me blacklisted from Hop Sing's?!
Lew: She named name!

Whether the naming of names is fair to those players involved or whether anyone should speculate ahead of Mitchell's report is open for discussion.  What will be interesting, though, is who is named and how fantasy players will adjust their projections for 2008 with that information in hand.

Personally, I will be interested to see if Ron Shandler's intimations about Florida Marlins' 3B Miguel Cabrera are buttressed or left in the proving a negative category.