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Guys I Don't Like - Week 6

Between the bye week and injuries, there are a lot of guys I don't like this week.  And many of them are starting on one of my teams.  Yeesh.  But rather than pick on the low-level guys you're agonizing over, I'm highlighting guys that you're probably going to start without thinking twice about them.  Maybe you should think twice...

Earnest Graham, RB, Tampa Bay --   I know you want to - you need to - put Earnest Graham in your starting lineup, but the Titans have limited opponents to a measly 72.2 rushing yards per game.  Those stats came against teams with powerful rushing games - Jacksonville, Indy, New Orleans and Atlanta.  OK, maybe not Atlanta so much.  Tennessee stifled all of them though, so don't expect much of anything from Graham.  

Chad Johnson, WR, Cin -- This is a risky pick, but all the signs point to trouble this week for #85.  He got in a public fight with QB Carson Palmer during their last game, a loss against the Patriots.  He's facing a tough Kansas City pass defense and RB Rudi Johnson is hurt leaving only backup Kenny Watson to keep the Chiefs defense honest.  

Eli Manning, QB, NY Giants -- Yes, I realize they're playing the Falcons, but the entire Giants passing game is centered around Plaxico Burress.  This Monday night Burress will be matched up against Falcons CB DeAngelo Hall, a  guy who has done an outstanding job of shutting down the opposition's #1 wide receiver.  If Hall can shut down Burress, Manning has to look to other receivers, something he doesn't do well.  This game might not be the blowout a lot of people (I'm looking at you Giants fans) think it will be.