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Guys I Like (But Not Like That) - Week 6

Week Six is probably the most difficult bye week of the season, with six teams taking the week off.  Almost everybody is looking for at least one player to fill in to their roster and especially in larger leagues there isn't much left out there.  Personally, if I have to choose between a possible breakout player and a better known but lower quality choice, I'll go with the possible breakout every time.    Here are a few of the high-risk, high reward options I like this week.

Dominic Rhodes, RB, Oakland - He's back and he's ready to start taking control of the starting RB job in Oakland.  While the Raiders are saying that he'll share carries with Jordan, they didn't sign this guy to sit on the bench.  Well, ok, they did up until now.  NOW, they want him to carry the ball.  On the minus side he's facing a tough San Diego rush defense this week, but on the plus side he's really well rested.  

 Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seattle-- Yes, he looked absolutely horrible last week, but even with that painful shutout he has more passing touchdowns this season than McNabb, Pennington, Schaub, Campbell or Cutler.   Matt Hasselbeck is really a pretty good quarterback.  With fullback Mack Strong out forever, the running game is likely to be out of synch this week.  With the Seahawks facing a poor Saints pass defense, Hasselbeck should have plenty of opportunities.

Bryant Johnson, WR, Arizona -- Kurt Warner is back behind center which should raise the quality of the Cardinals passing game right away.  Anquan Boldin is expected to be out again this week so Johnson steps up to the #2WR slot.  Johnson has had 10 catches for 120 yards over the past two weeks and I expect him to break out against the Panthers this week.