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Three Questions -- Week 5

If it's Wednesday, that means it's time for Three Questions.  Now with a new (Cleo) Lemony Fresh Scent!

Question #1 - Which normally irrelevant backup QB should I use on my bye week? -There are plenty of options for Week 6.  If Derek Anderson or Brian Griese are available, they should be your first choices.  Guys like Daunte Culpepper, Gus Frerotte and David Carr should still be on your waiver wire.  If you're in a huge league or teams like to hoard QBs, Cleo Lemon and Joey Harrington will be starting this week.  While it's likely not a single one of these guys were drafted in your league, any one of them could be invaluable this week as a bye-week fill-in.  That's the kind of season it's been.

Question #2 - Should I sit any of the 17 fantasy players in the Dallas-New England game? -  Sit either team defense if you have them, but start every offensive player and every individual defensive player.  I think this game is going to be a shootout from the first snap.  Everybody knows what the Patriots offense is capable of doing, but the Cowboys are ahead of the Patriots in both passing offense and total offense so far this season.  If you have a Cowboy or a Patriot on your roster - with the possible exception of an injured Maroney - start them.

Question #3 - Will the %&$!ing Eagles break my heart again? - Not this week.  The Jets are pretty bad in a lot of different ways and the Eagles are coming off two weeks of soul-searching and daily beatings from Andy Reid.  If the Eagles don't win this week, their season is over.  Finished.  Kaput.   If Westbrook comes back healthy (as expected) the Eagles should be just fine this week.   [editor's note, by Skeller] They'd better be! (Shakes fist angrily)