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Week Four Observations

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In what looks to have been a low scoring week (pending the Patriots/Bengals game this evening), the effort that stood out the most was the 12-sack performance by the Giants defense against what had to be a three-man offensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles.  What is more surprising is the fact the Eagles still had a 100 yard rusher in Brian Westbrook replacement, Correll Buckhalter.  I don't know how that combination can occur.

What do QBs Phillip Rivers, Donovan McNabb and Marc Bulger have in common?  None of them threw a TD this weekend.  How about Tony Romo and Peyton Manning?  They were the only two QBs to throw 3 TDs.

There were no running backs who scored more than on TD on the ground. The notable lead rushers without a rushing score count Travis Henry, Larry Johnson, Arian Peterson, Willis McGahee, Frank Gore and Shaun Alexander.  Fortunately, Larry Johnson ran for more than 120 yards and did it with a 4.9 ypc.  Does some of the negative attention he has received shift to the 49ers Frank Gore, who failed to score and fumbled, and was as highly regarded as any RB entering the 2007 season?

Raise your hand if you started any of these top-performing WRs this weekend - Patrick Crayton (7/184/2), Dwayne Bowe (8/164/1), Santonio Holmes (6/128/2), Andre Davis (5/117/1) and Ike Hilliard (7/114/0). Or how about these two sources of 2 TDs - Michael Jenkins, Dallas Clark or Jerry Porter?   If you did, I bet you're either ahead or near-winning entering tonight's game.  I know I am.