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Oakland A's Outfield

A's 1B/OF Nick Swisher was a guest on XM Radio's The Show with Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble this afternoon.  Ostensibly, it was to talk about tonight's BCS championship game between Ohio State and Florida.  (Swisher is an OSU alum.)

In the course of the discussion, Nick Swisher said he hopes Mike Piazza stays at DH and doesn't force him off 1B.  This struck me as interesting because I have been under the assumption that Swisher would be an everyday OF, and Dan Johnson would be manning first until uber-prospect Daric Barton is ready.

If that isn't a good working assumption, then the A's have a hole in their OF.  It is one that a Bobby Kielty/Ryan Goleski tandem is not up to holding.

Has anyone heard anything about Swisher not being an everyday OF in 2007?