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Minor League Prospects

Having recently run through every major league team and assigned values to the relevent players for fantasy purposes, I'll draw your attention to some prospects who may be ready to make a contribution in 2007. Assuming, they live-up to their hype, they will be contributing to fantasy rosters for another ten years.

There is a major caution, though. Pitching propsects have an acceptable level of major league performance that is not acceptable to winning fantasy teams. Namely, a rookie pitcher need only pitch to a 4.50/1.40 level to keep getting the ball every 5th day. That type of fantasy pitcher is the bane of the ERA and WHIP categories.

According to Baseball America's Jim Callis, the top five hitters and top five pitchers in the minor leagues are:

1. Alex Gordon 3b Royals
2. Delmon Young of Devil Rays
3. Brandon Wood ss Angels
4. Jay Bruce of Reds
5. Cameron Maybin of Tigers
1. Philip Hughes rhp Yankees
2. Homer Bailey rhp Reds
3. Tim Lincecum rhp Giants
4. Andrew Miller lhp Tigers
5. Yovani Gallardo rhp Brewers