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2007 San Francisco Giants Fantasy Values

I so much wanted to elevate Matt Cain to the elite level of fantasy pitchers, but I didn't. I just don't see anyone taking him much earlier than the 6th round. To be elite, he must be in the starting pitcher run that typically ends by the 5th round or so. Last year, Felix Hernandez was going in that area.

As surprising with the Giants staff is the poor quality of it bullpen. I want Armando Benitez to be dealt because that would open a closer's job, but I do not see anyone who excites me.

Dave Roberts as a $30+ hitter scares me. I think he performs at the value as longer as new Giants manager, Bruce Bichy, lets him run as he did last season. Given Roberts' age, there is some concern whether he could even if Bochy lets him.

San Francisco
$30+ Dave Roberts
$17-$29 Barry Bonds Ray Durham
$10-$16 Randy Winn Pedro Feliz
Omar Vizquel
$1-10 Rich Aurilia Ryan Klesko
Benji Molina Todd Linden
Jason Ellison
$10-$19 Barry Zito Matt Cain
Armando Benitez
$1-$10 Matt Morris Jonathan Sanchez
Noah Lowry Brad Hennessey
Tim Worrell Kevin Correia