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2007 Colorado Rockies Fantasy Values

The Rockies pitching produced three decent fantasy starters last year and two Colorado ones - 150+ IP 5.00+ ERA 1.50 WHIP. Jason Jennings has moved on the Houston, but Jeff Francis and Aaron Cook remain. I wouldn't touch them as I do not believe, but you might. Their relief core is remains weak outside of closer Brian Fuentes. I'd like to include a back-up closer, but there just isn't a good option. (LaTroy's 27 Ks in 64 non-Coors innings doesn't auger well.) Maybe Dan O'Dowd should stop focusing on adding 'veteran" back-up OFers?

Last year's offense produced two elite fantasy hitters in LF Matt Holliday and 3B Garrett Atkins. Both have some risk as elite hitters because neither had previously produced at those levels, but, if I could stick Dave Roberts in the elite category, then I could easily do the same with Holliday and Atkins. The remaining starters are all valuable players as are there back-ups.

$30+ Matt Holliday Garrett Atkins
$17-$29 Brad Hawpe Todd Helton
Willy Tavares
$10-$16 Troy Tulowitzki
$1-10 Chris Iannetta Jeff Baker
Kaz Matsui Jamey Carroll
Corey Sullivan
$20+ Brian Fuentes
$1-$10 Jeff Francis Aaron Cook