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Randy Johnson

Reports now have the Yankees getting free agent to be Luis Vizcaino and one minor league pitcher amongst Dustin Nippert, Ross Ohlendorf or Micah Owings.  That is a significant downgrade from getting two of those three plus a major league middle reliever.

Micah Owings is the best prospect of the three.  Ohledorf is a low strikeout 24-year-old in AA, and Nippert has failed in a couple brief tryouts with the D'backs.

If all they Yanks get is Nippert and Vizcaino, all the critics can calm down about the Yanks robbing any team for Johnson.  They'd have basically received scraps.

If that is what they receive, then Cashman failed by focusing solely on adding pitching.  He will not be excoriated for following conventional wisdom, but he should have focused on AAA 1B Chris Carter.