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2007 Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks Fantasy Values

The Pirates are the type of team that helps fantasy teams when a couple of its hitters are plugged in as supporting players. It is also the kind of team that augers a bottom-half finish if you have too many of them. There starting pitchers are much more valuable to real life baseball than to fantasy. Their ratios are mediocre, at best, and, outside of Ian Snell (my favorite), offer too few strikeouts to offset the high innings ratios.

The Diamondbacks look like a team whose hitters offer upside value even in the high teens. A few gambles could work out very well, and, even if the players get off to a slow start i.e Chris Young and Stephen Drew, they should hold trade value on potential alone.

$30+ Jason Bay
$17-$29 Freddie Sanchez Chris Duffy
$10-$16 Xavier Nady Jose Castillo
Jose Bautista
$1-10 Ronnie Paulino Jack Wilson
Nate McLouth Ryan Doumit
$20+ Mike Gonzalez
$1-$10 Salomon Torres Matt Capps
Ian Snell Zach Duke
Tom Gorzelanny Paul Maholm
$17-$29 Conor Jackson Stephen Drew
Chad Tracy Carlos Quentin
Chris Young Eric Byrnes
$10-$16 Orlando Hudson
$1-10 Miguel Montero Scott Hairston
$20+ Brandon Webb
$10-$19 Randy Johnson Jose Valverde
$1-$10 Livan Hernandez Doug Davis
Jorge Julio Brandon Medders
Tony Pena Edgar Gonzalez
Juan Cruz