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Billy Butler

While perusing The Baseball Prospect Book 2007 By John Sickels, I checked on the status of Royals' prospect OF/DH Billy Butler. Coming off his High Desert campaign, one would expect a drop in his power numbers, and those expectations were met. However, as a 20-year-old in AA, he did have a higher AVG than the more acclaimed teammate Alex Gordon - .331 vs .325.

To me that difference is meaningless, but I wanted to draw some positive attention to Butler relative to the almost-consensus top prospect. (Baseball Notebook ranked Alex Gordon 36th. I'm a big fan of BN, but, even I cannot muster much of a defense of that ranking. A Double-A line of .325/.427/.588 is too good to ignore.) What I found surprising about Butler's 2006 performance relative to Gordon's, and one that may auger a higher profile, is Butler's strikeouts. He whiffed 67 times versus Gordon's 113.

Could Butler be ranked too low based on his age, level and K's?

Player John Sickels Top 50 Hitter Baseball Notebook Scouts Inc BA's Org. Top 10
Billy Butler 7 3 12 3