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How Do You Use Dollar Values

The feedback on the rankings I produced for each position has lead to thinking about how fantasy baseball players use the various types of ranks.  I know most of the MSFM (Main Stream Fantasy Media) have dollar value calculators.  I've used them (although not for a couple of seasons), and I know most people do also.  (I had a Freddie Sanchez-for-Josh Johnson deal halted because John Benson calculated JJ's value at $19 and Freddie's at $15.)

What I find curious are the results of the last two polls I ran.  The first asked about AL/NL composition and more than 60% played in mixed leagues.  The most recent one asked whether your league has an auction or a snake draft.  More than 60% answered they used a snake draft.

Why, if most fantasy players use snake drafts, is there such an emphasis on calculating dollar values?  And if most fantasy players are in mixed leagues, how can dollar values be of much use when so many quality players (by AL/NL-only standards) remain in the free agent pool?