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Billy Beane Interview on Athlethics Nation

Over at Athletics Nation, a three-part interview with A's GM Bill Beane has just concluded.  Here are the links for Parts One, Two, and Three.  There is some great information that can be applied to fantasy baseball.

Like this:

Blez:  Do you think that Daric Barton or Travis Buck are close to making the jump to the big club this year?

Beane:  They're not far.  Travis was having a spectacular season last year before he had that groin injury with what he did at Double-A.  It's tough to say when, but they're both definitely showing up on the radar screen.  Daric had the injury too, but Daric had a great winter ball season even though it wasn't a lot of at-bats.  They're both knocking on the door....

There is additional information on Bobby Crosby, the outfield situation and the plans for Erubiel Durazo, Jason Windsor, et al.  Check it out.