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2007 Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals Fantasy Values

I like what the Indians offer for fantasy value. All there hitters are worth grabbing in deep AL-only leagues and bear watching in mixed ones. The pitching is solid with an anticipation of seeing whether CC Sabathia can repeat last season's numbers and move to the elite level of starting pitchers. The bullpen is a mess, but several opportunites exist to grab saves.

The Royals are intersting as they have improved their offense to the point where every hitter merits consideration. There just isn't a lot of upper level players, and those in the $10-$16 range are biding the arrival of upgrades with the exception of CF David DeJesus, who has the counting stats of a no power/no speed utiliy infielder like Neifi Perez. Their pitching staff needs a lot of work. I listed $55MM Meche as a $1+ pitcher and Zach Greinke, but, honestly, if you skipped them and choose a middle reliever instead, you'd never know the difference.

$30+ Grady Sizemore Travis Hafner
$17-$29 Victor Martinez Josh Barfield
$10-$16 Andy Marte Jhonny Peralta
Casey Blake Dave Dellucci
Ryan Garko
$1-10 Jason Michaels Shin Soo Choo
$10-$19 CC Sabathia Jake Westbrook
Cliff Lee Joe Borowski
Jeremy Sowers
$1-10 Paul Byrd Tom Mastny
Fernando Cabrera
Kansas City
$17-$29 Ryan Shealy Alex Gordon
Mark Teahen
$10-$16 Mark Grudzalaniek Emil Brown
Reggie Sanders Dave DeJesus
Mike Sweeney
$1-10 Jason LaRue Angel Berroa
Esteban German John Buck
Joey Gathwright
$10-$19 Octavio Dotel
$1-$10 Gil Meche Zach Greinke
Joe Nelson Ken Ray