Taken from an interview with Davey Lopes on

To Victorino's credit, he plans on reporting to Clearwater, Fla., next month with paint brushes in each hand.

"I want to work with him as much as I can every day and watch videos, work on jumps, everything like that," he said. "I mean, I'm going to be out there every day working on my base stealing, and my goal is to steal 30- or 40-plus bags this year. That's one of my most important goals this year."

Victorino has been hesitant to run mostly because of a lack of confidence. Lopes will help with that.

"We'll get it straightened out in spring training," Lopes said. "He and I have a good relationship, he and I have worked together for a period of time in San Diego. I know what he needs and this kid has a tremendous amount of upside and we'll see what happens."

Wow!!! 30-40 steals will make him a $20+ player.
What are his chances at getting 500+ ABs in Philly this year? Can he stay healthy? Will Werth/Bourn take some ABs from him?


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