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Todd Helton to Boston Yet?

The Todd Helton talks are by far the biggest story in baseball at this moment.  Unfortunately, there is little new infomation available about them.  On Baseball This Morning, Ken Rosenthal reported...nothing.  None of the local papers have much beyond that.

However, there is this blurb in Buster Olney's AM blog:

The Rockies apparently will make this trade if Manny Delcarmen is included. If Boston wants Helton -- and it seems that the Red Sox do want him, because they would on the hook for about $50 million of the $90.1 million owed to him in salary over the next six seasons -- it's hard to imagine that they would let the inclusion of Delcarmen be the deal-breaker.

I couldn't agree more.  Manny Delcarmen?  That's its?  It is clear the Rox want to move Helton as much as it is clear the Red Sox want his .400 OBP. Just kiss the bride and live happily ever after!

The fantasy fallout is contingent upon what else, outside of Helton, $50MM and Manny Delcarmen, is involved. The Rockies have a 3B and 1B on the cusp of a cup of major league coffee - 3B Ian Stewart and 1B Joe Kashansky.  The team also has last year's starting AAA RF, Jeff Baker, to fit along current RF, and former 1B, Brad Hawpe.  Nevermind, 2006 breakout 3B Garrett Atkins.  (Interestingly, Atkins and Hawpe were both moved off 1B because of Helton.)

For the Red Sox, the main fantasy implications are the playing time of Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell.  Someone is dropping from an everyday player to a fantasy sleeper.