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Cole Hamels

This afternoon on MLB Live with Mark Gray (XM Radio's MLB Home Plate channel 175), the host lead off with a hypothetical scenario that would send Phillies lefty Cole Hamels to the Red Sox for some of their young middle relievers.  This would help solve the glaring problem of the Phillies bullpen ex-Tom Gordon.

Mark Gray's rationale for dealing Hamels was his prior back issues in a player so young would make this a great time to sell high.  Frankly, I thought it was a crazy idea.  No one would think Theo Epstein wouldn't be arrested for highway robbery.  Until a Red Sox fan called in.

He was from central PA and says he has seen Hamels throw at AA Harrisburg and would in no way deal Craig Hansen for Hamels.  I was shocked.  

As a fantasy player, Hamels ranks amongst the top young pitchers in the game.  Is that assessment clouding my judgment?