Helton on his way to Beantown??

According to Troy Renck and the Denver Post this morning, the Rockies are pursuing trade talks with the Red Sox in a possible deal to ship out the face of the franchise. Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen are mentioned as possibilities to fill the parameter of "young pitching" although the returning players would depend on how much of Helton's remaining contract the Rockies were willing to eat. This rumor seems a bit more developed than others involving Todd this winter, as the slugger has been made aware of the negotiations and has expressed a willingness to waive his no trade clause to play at Fenway.

In the Rocky Mountain News
Ringolsby writes that Julian Tavarez and Mike Lowell could be part of a deal to offset the money. He also writes that the acquisition of Lowell would move Atkins back to first most likely.

Very interesting....Lowell in Colorado?? Why, when you have Baker and Stewart waiting in the wings? I can see the move for young pitching....not for Lowell though.
Does Boston need a 1bman on the decline? They already have an overpaid RFer who doesn't play with heart or play hurt.

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