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Minor League Prospect Rankings

I signed-up for the Baseball Notebook newsletter (scroll down) and just received Mr. Luciani's Pre-2007 Top prospect list.  It offers some background on the top 20 and lists the remaining 80.

There are some interesting surprises by ranking order and some by player - as anyone who is familiar with Mr. Luciani's prior lists can attest.  He has requested that the list not be reproduced without prior permission, so I am only going to mention one or two players and their rankings and look for your comments.

FWIW, I am agreement with Mr. Luciani's position that "a top prospect is not one simply because everyone says he is."  That said, here are a couple of very well-regarded prospects and where they are ranked - Brandon Wood at #13 and Delmon Young at....#14!

(I have asked Baseball Notebook about producing more than this and will act in accordance to their position.)