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Q & A with Fantasy Baseball Express

Last Wednesday, Fake Teams participated in Mock Draft Central's 2nd 2007 Experts draft.  One of the other participants was Fantasy Baseball Express.  They were kind enough to provide some fantasy baseball insight for the 2007 season.

FT: What is your favorite strategy for any league this season:
FBE:  My favorite strategy is a combination of "Best Player Available" & "Drafting for Categories".  I really want to make sure that as I make my first 6 - 8 picks, I am drafting players who are stronger in certain categories in order to be competitive in the standings.  For example, If I draft David Ortiz in round 1, I obviously started off with HR & RBI but his average could be under .300 and he does not steal bases.  So in round 2, I might look to someone with a high average, runs, and/or stolen bases and 20 HR / 90 RBI potential like Derek Jeter, Hanley Ramirez, or Grady Sizemore.  If I elect to take Sizemore or Ramirez, I am going to look in the round 3 for a Joe Mauer, Matt Holliday or an Ichiro Suzuki.  All "Best Player Available" picks while keeping my categories covered.  I want a stud who specializes in at least one or two categories while contributing to others.

FT: Who are your favorite Sleepers?  
Mark Teahen - My favorite sleeper. Finally found that spark in the second half after he was shipped back to the minors.  With the arrival of Alex Gordon, Teahen may shift to the OF giving him versatility 2 -3 weeks into the season.

Zack Duke - Was better in the second half last year.  He was a hit giving machine, but his 3rd year in the bigs means experience and bigger and better things for this once highly touted prospect.

Tom Gorezellany - Oh boy, two Pirates on this list?  Tom is ace material. He posts a nice ERA and WHIP and, if he stays healthy, will throw down a solid season.  Wins might be hard to come by, but everything else will be there for the middle to end of your fantasy rotation.

Jonathon Broxton - He was a beast in the 'pen. Could start or close. If Saito falters, hello Broxton!  At the very least, he'll be a Holds hog this season as the primary set up man.  Think Zumaya but National League!

Ronnie Paulino - Can usually be had towards the end of a 12 team draft.  Hits above .300 and is still young with more power potential.  He'll slip through the cracks this year in drafts, but I'm waiting until late in the draft to grab him.

FT: Who are your deepest Sleepers?
Alex Sanchez  - Fresh off the steroid scandal and the Marlins don't currently have a sure-fire Centerfielder.  The best part is Sanchez wont be drafted at all so you can snag him last or off the wire early if you need a replacement. 400 ABs could notch him 25 - 30+ steals.

Kaz Matsui - Looking to resurrect his career.  Was strong late in the season once he was traded and hit over .300 with the Rockies in somewhat limited action.  If Jamey Carroll or Troy Tulowitzki falter, Matsui will be the go-to guy.  If so, 20/20 is still possible.

FT: First Pick, First Round.....Pujols or Soriano?
FBE: Gun to my head, I'm picking Pujols because I can make up the stolen bases with every offensive pick until the end of the draft.  Plus, Pujols' AVG and OBP are tops in fantasy with his power potential which makes him hard to pass up.  My second choice is Reyes who has the potential to put up Rickey Henderson type fantasy numbers!

FT:  Thank you.