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Armando Benitez

On Saturday, the San Jose Mercury News provided a very important piece of fantasy information.  It reported:

Bochy said he would enter the spring with the assumption that Benitez would be the team's closer. ``Just a couple of years ago, he was one of the best in the game,'' Bochy said.

Sabean said that if Benitez is deemed unfit for the role, right-hander Brian Wilson would be the likely replacement.

I am not surprised to see Benitez as the Giants' closer, if healthy.  I am somewhat surprised (to the extent any choice of closer can be surprising) that Giants GM Brian Sabean has deemed Wilson the likely back-up.  Why?  His God-awful peripherals as a major leaguer last year - 30 IP 32 Hits 21 BB 23 K 1.77 WHIP.

Regardless, the Giants have made Brian Wilson the front runner to close following a Benitez exit which most think will occur.  From Mike Berardino's "Inside Dish" at The Sporting News:

An official from one team monitoring the Armando Benitez saga still believes the Giants will deal the embattled closer before opening day. "I really think in the end Benitez will not be there," the official says. The Giants have hinted they are willing to eat more than half the $7.6 million that remains on Benitez's contract, but they might have to swallow even more to get a decent prospect in return.