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Dallas MacPherson

Yesterday, Dallas MacPherson's bad back eliminated him from the 2007 corner jam in Anaheim.  He will have season-ending surgery to repair a hrniated disck.  Now the candidates for corner/DH playing time consist of Chone Figgins and Shea Hillenbrand (starters) with Kendry Morales, Casey Kotchman, Robb Quinlan and Macier Izturis vying for DH ABs and back-up roles.

The big winner is Macier Izturis, a player who already had a tough row to hoe with no regular playing time available at his infield positions (3B/SS/2B).  Now the Angels can more easily get his much-needed on-base skills into the line-up.  I have been down-grading him all season, not because I dislike him but because I saw nowwhere for 300 ABs.  That belief has hit its nadir and is now on the upswing.

With not much in back-up OFs on the roster, I see Robb Quinlan getting more ABs there than he did last year.  Right now, Casey Kotchman is healthy and will be a much more competitive player in the firstbase role.  

Another injury in this group will have me more seriously looking at XBH-machine Brandon Wood as a legitimate 2007 contributor.