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2007 Fantasy Sleeper Jerry Owens

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Following-up on my trade dilemna, I found this September 14th article from the Chicago Tribune:

...will be looking for speed at the top and bottom of the order to offset a slow-footed middle of the order...The Sox have more than $99 million committed to 12 players for 2007....also a reason Williams has insisted the Sox will continue to introduce young players from their system to the major-league roster....With manager Ozzie Guillen already having placed a priority on speed for 2007....

What this assessment of the Chicago's needs points to is AA CF Jerry Owens, a speed prospect whose star lost some luster following a "mediocre" AAA season where he hit .262/.330/.346 after a AA one with .331/.393/.406.

Despite the AVG-dependent drop in his OPS components, there is a positive comparison between the two seasons. In AA, Owens stole 38 bases in 58 attempts. At a higher level, he was 40 of 52.  He also maintained his AB:BB ratio of 10:1 at a higher level.

Is it possible he had an expecially unlucky year with batted balls falling for hits? Maybe.  When I get my Baseball Forecaster, I'll check.

What makes him attract is the the unpredictability of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. With the flutter of a butterfly's wings, Jerry Owens could easily become an Ozzie favorite and get ABs next year.  The fact the White Sox have been unable to address their outfield situation in any way also provides encouragement.  After all, Scott Podsednick and Brian N. Anderson were already losing playing time in September.