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2007 Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox Fantasy Values

The Twins are an interesting fantasy team. Their pop-less middle infield is dependent on AVG and SB to earn their double-digit salaries. Normally, I'd rank them a level lower, but that didn't pass my sniff test. So I've got them in the $10-$16 range and expect at least one of them to fail to earn that. Their pitching behind Santana is chock full of upside candidates. Boof and Garza are probably fair-value at $10. I placed Boof higher because he has done better as a pro.

The White Sox have a very good offense as demonstrated by two $30+ bats. Unlike Justin Morneau, each of the White Sox hitters has a track record of similar performance. And that is the reason Jermaine Dye doesn't join them. Dye hasn't previously performed like he did in 2006. The pitching is fairly weak despite their real-life value. If Mark Buerhle recovers his pre-2006 ASB form, then I'd have rate him in the $20+ range.

$17-$29 Justin Morneau Joe Mauer
Torii Hunter Michael Cuddyer
$10-$16 Luis Castillo Jason Bartlett
Nick Punto Jason Kubel
$1-10 Rondell White Lew Ford
$20+ Johann Santana Joe Nathan
$10-$19 Francisco Liriano Boof Bonser
$1-10 Matt Garza Carlos Silva
Scot Baker Juan Rincon
"Jesse Crain Pat Neshek
Chicago WS
$30+ Paul Konerko Jim Thome
$17-$29 Tadahit Iguchi Joe Crede
Jermaine Dye
$10-$16 Juan Uribe AJ Pierzynski
Scott Podsednick
$1-10 Brian Anderson Jerry Owens
$20+ Bobby Jenks
$10-$19 Mark Buerhle Jose Contreras
Jon Garland
$1-$10 Javy Vasquez Mike MacDougal
Nick Massett John Danks
Charlie Haegar