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More Mock Draft Analysis

Since participating in Wednesday night's mock draft, I have been paying attention to other mock drafts to see how well I did relative to those drafts. I reviewed the Big Board by Brandon Funsten at Yahoo!, and a mock draft consisting of all the MSM fantasy sitesreported by Roger Rotter on and compared them to what I did through the first 5 rounds.

Why just the first five? Because the mock I participated in was not the standard 12-team 5x5. It had many fewer hitting slots (9 vs 13). There was also the consideration that Brandon Funsten's big Board only ranked the Top 50 which happens to be the exact number of players selected through the first five rounds in my mock draft. I also worked under the assumption that strategy for all mixed leagues is basically the same through those first five rounds. I'd like to hear whether you think that assumption is a valid one.

Fake Teams FOXSports Yahoo! BigBoard
Player Pos Player Pos Player Pos
5 Ryan Howard 1B Ryan Howard 1B Ryan Howard 1B
15 Carlos Lee OF Lance Berkman 1B/OF Manny Ramirez OF
25 Grady Sizemore OF Grady Sizemore OF Chris Carpenter SP
35 Rafael Furcal SS Derrek Lee 1B Garrett Atkins 3B
45 Ryan Zimmerman 3B Paul Konerko 1B Carlos Zambrano SP

Howard at #5 seems to be fair value. As is Sizemore at #25. What isn't clear from the above table is how my other three choices faired.

The next table shows where each of the player I selected was taken/ranked in the other two drafts. The Big Board also included the results from two mock drafts. Those are titled Y!A1 and Y!A2.

Fake Teams FOXSports Y!BB Y!A1 Y1A2
5 Ryan Howard 1B 5 5 5 4
15 Carlos Lee OF 20 17 20 14
25 Grady Sizemore OF 25 20 25 24
35 Rafael Furcal SS 37 40 37 26
45 Ryan Zimmerman 3B 52 47 52 55