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Trot Nixon

With the addition of OF Trot Nixon, the Indians now have two deserving left-side platoon outfielders.  With Grady Sizemore likely to get every single AB in the 2007 season as the centerfielder, any additional outfield ABs with come from the right-side of the platoon.  Last year's  starting LF, Jason Michaels, was exposed and will return to the platoon role he earned.  The 5th outfielder will be either Casey Blake of 2nd-year plaer Shin-Soo Choo.  

The reports to this point had Blake playing RF versus left-handers with Ryan Garko at 1B, and 1B against righty ones with Choo in RF.  Now Nixon should be expected to take those ABs versus righties.  This leaves Shoo in the cold - as long as the Indians stick with the Casey-in-RF plan.

Can they though?  Assuming a 12-man bullpen, the bench spots would be C Kelly Shoppach, OF Jason Michael, 1B Ryan Garko and a back-up infielder who can back-up 2B/SS/3B - Hector Luna.  Something about that bench tells me an additional infielder will be needed.  This would guarantee Choo goes to the minors.  Garko would be the other serious option, but that would leave no back-up 1B on the roster.  So the Indians must stay with the plan that has Casey Blake getting OF ABs when Nixon sits.

Lost in this analysis is AAA OF Franklin Gutierrez, who has no chance of being on the trip north from Spring Training.  The signing of Nixon baffles me.

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