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2007 Mock Fantasy Baseball Draft!

Update [2007-1-17 18:12:13 by Eric Hz]: Watch the draft. Ask questions/make comments.

On Wednesday night at 8 P.M., I will be taking part in an mixed-league 10-team 5X5 expert draft over at Mock Draft Central.  These are my competitors, and it is quite a formidable group:

The Fantasy Draft
Roto Draft Kit
Fantasy Insider Online
Fantasy Baseball Express
Mock Draft Central   
Insider Baseball
Roto Authority
Sport Fanatics

This group has quite a pedigree (check there bios on the MCD link), and I hope to do well.  I pick 5th and would enjoy discussing this up to, and during, Wednesday night's draft.  (I will bring this post to the top of the page just before the draft.)

Here are the league specs:
Roster & Scoring Details
Mixed League (AL + NL)
1-C 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-SS, 1-3B, 3-OF, 1-DH, 9-P, 3-BENCH
Standard 5x5 Rotisserie Scoring (HR+RBI+AVG+SB+R / W+ERA+WHIP+S+K)