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2007 Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers Fantasy Values

The Blue Jays big signing was CF Vernon Wells. he is a player that is easily $20+. The question is whether he is a $30_ player. If he repeats his 2006 AVG and SB totals, then he is. I gave him the benefit of the doubt despite havng some concerns.

The Tigers were tricky because most of the hitters and pitchers straddled the $15-$20 for the hitters and the $16-$22 range for the pitchers, If I only bought into the 1.30+ WHIP being a safe indicator of a sub-4.00 ERA.

$30+ Vernon Wells
$17-$29 "Lyle Overbay Troy Glaus"
"Frank Thomas Alex Rios"
$10-$16 Reed Johnson
$1-10 "Adam Hill Royce Clayton"
"Adam Lind Matt Stairs"
$20+ "Roy Halladay BJ Ryan"
$10-$19 AJ Burnett
$1-$10 "Gustavo Chacin Brandon League"
Jason Fraser
$30+ Gary Sheffield
$17-$29 "Magglio Ordonez Brandon Inge"
Carlos Guillen
$10-$16 "Curtis Granderson Craig Monroe"
Ivan Rodriguez
$1-10 "Marcus Thames Sean Casey"
Placido Polanco
$20+ Todd Jones
$10-$19 "Joel Zumaya Kenny Rogers"
"Jeremy Bonderman Justin Verlander"
Nate Robertson
$1-$10 "Fernando Rodney Mike Maroth"