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More Fantasy Questions

Giants:  How are the 2nd and 3rd receiver receptions goingt to play out?
Colts:  One of the BIGGEST:  Which RB is going to take over for Edgerrin James and by implication get all those touches?

Jets:  Is there a single player worthy of starting for fantasy teams?  Sorry, that was my Miami Dolphins' anti-Jets bias coming through.
Will the Jets use a RB-by-committee?
Titans:  How will the RB touches be distributed?

Broncs:  How are the carries going to be split etween the two Bells?
Is WR Javon Walker back?
How are the TE passes distributed?
Rams:Has Kevin Curtis overtaken Isaac Bruce for #2?
Will the TE get significant work?
Linehan said SJax will be the workhorse.  Did his carries bear that out?