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Final 2006 Fantasy Football Draft

I participated in my final FF draft last night.

It is an eight team league with parameters that required each team to draft 2 QB, 4 RB, 5 WR, 2K, 2TE and 2 DEF/ST.

That requirement results in very good players not being drafted and most "sleepers" remain in the pool.

A typical example is rookie WR Greg Jennings with the Green Bay Packers.  When the choice is either Donald Driver or Greg Jennings, you must take Driver.  

More specifically, WR Drew Bennett was stil available when I decided to fill my 5th and final WR spot.  I love Jennings and have him on all three of my other teams, but that love cannot take precedence over the fact I expect Jennings to hopefully produce what Bennett should do - 1000+ yds with 6+ TDs.

The same situation arose with RBs.  I was fortunate enough to get the 3rd pick and took the third of the triumvirate not taken with the first two picks.  In this draft, it was Larry Johnson.

When my pick came-up in the second round, #14 overall, I took RB Ronnie Brown.  Following Thursday night's game, I have little doubt Brown is going to score 14 TDs this season.

With those two backs, there is no chance, assuming health, that I will start my back-ups.  I filled my 3rd RB with Minnesota's Chester Taylor (another player I have on multiple teams).

When the decision to fill my 4th RB came, Mike Bell, Fred Taylor, Wali Lundy, Ahman Grenn and Deuce McAllister were available.  This was the 12th of the 17 rounds.

In what is typical of my late picks when I have had a six-pack plus of America's finest pilsner, I said, "What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!" and took.................D'Angelo Williams!

I know this means DeSahun Foster stays healthy all year, and at least one, if not all, of the other available RBs have 1200+ yd seasons, but I see little chance that 4th RB will ever log a single minute on my active roster.  (What about trade possibilities?  B-E-E-R.)

What is going to be as hard is seeing quality players have good weeks on my bench.  This isn't so much a concern in deeper leagues as the decision who to start on who to sit is much easier.

And when that bench player goes off, the decision is difficult to second guess, but, when I start K Josh brown over K David Akers and Akers kicks 5 FGs while Borwn kicks three extra points, it is natural to second guess.  Should I have seen that possibility?  The Eagles lack the talent to score easily in the red zone.  Seattle doesn't lack that capacity.  Teh Seahawks were on grass.  the Eagles were ina  dome.  Etc, etc., etc.

But in a shallow league, the mindset must be a focus on that bench player not being on someone else's teams and hurting your team.

It is a difficult mindset to keep, but the one that is best anyways and will help keep you focused on winning each week.

Here is my roster:

  1.  RB  Larry Johnson
  2.  RB  Ronnie Brown
  3.  WR  Torry Holt
  4.  WR  Reggie Wayne
  5.  WR  Andre Johnson
  6.  QB  Kurt Warner
  7.  TE  Ben Watson
  8.  RB  Chester Taylor
  9.  WR  Donald Driver
  10.  DEF Dallas
  11.  K   Josh Brown
  12.  RB  D'Angelo Williams
  13.  QB  Matt Lienart
  14.  WR  Drew Bennett
  15.  K   Dave Akers
  16.  DEF Philadelphia
  17.  TE  Tony Sheffler
Thankfully, Arizona has a bye in Week Nine.  This allowed me to grab his handcuff, Matt Lienart, as I expect Warner to be out of the starting job before the bye and can replace Warner with another QB from the pool by the time Week Nine rolls around.  (Amongst the undrafted QBs were Drew Bledsoe, Michale Vick (finally!) and Brett Favre.)

This league may be the most challenging due to the requirements to have acertain number of players at each position.  It means I cannot load-up on Rbs at the expense of my other bench spots.  I must have 4 RBs at all times.  Or more typically, I have to carry two Ks, TEs, and DEFs - things I almost never choose in a typical 10- or 12-team league.