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Fool's Gold

With the onset of fantasy football nearly upon us, this weekend's games will inevitably bring us a handfull or two of players who perform way beyond any pre-season projections.

Immediately after the waiver period for Week Two opens, floods of teams are going to be adding said players.

One player I forsee being added in droves is San Francisco RB Frank Gore.

This morning's Oakland Tribune reports coach Mike Nolan stating his goal to run the ball 60% of the time.

Going into the first game, the Niners should be able to meet that goal versus a suspect Arizona defense.  As a result, Frank Gore should roll-up a 100-yd game with a score - maybe two!

With that, he will stick out amongst the available pool of free agents.

However, I caution about rushing out to add him.  The Niners has given no reason to believe they will be in game situations that allow them to run the ball consistently.

Their passing game lags behind the NY Jets.  What is going to stop opposing defenses from putting eight men in the box?  QB Alex Smith?

Nothing that I can see right now.

So don't rush to add Gore unless the move is one of necessity - injured player and/or a dead reserve spot.

Better yet, add him now and deal him next week off the high of the game.