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Fantasy Questions for Pitt vs Miami

Tonight's Opening Kick-Off to the 2006 fantasy football season pits the defending champion Steelers against the up-and-coming Dolphins.

There are several questions that fantasy footballers will be looking to be answered.

On the Pittsburgh side:

Who are the 2nd & 3rd WR?  Hines Ward is the clear #1 but who is in line for the next 800 receiving yards?

Willie Parker is the clear-cut #1RB but will he get the goal line touches that Jerome Bettis received last year and rocket Fast Willie into the upper echelon of fantasy backs?

A less immediate issue is how well back-up QB Charlie Batch does tonight.  With starting QB Ben Roethlisberger out following an appendectomy, will Big Ben recovered quickly from a second major surgery?  Even if he does, will those two major surgeries lead to additional health/recovery problems this year?

On the Miami side:

The biggest question is how well Daunte Culpepper plays following reconstructive knee surgery.  Will he be effective all game?

Is RB Ronnie Brown the real deal - a legitimate Top 10 RB?

Just like the Steelers, who are the 2nd & 3rd WRs?  Chris Chambers is the no-doubt #1, but who is in line for all the receptions that will come their way following the regular double-teams Chambers is expected to receive.