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Live Drafts

Update [2006-9-5 13:6:56 by Eric Hz]: My team is listed below. When I cam around to my 4th pick, I selected took a bit of a leap of faith and selected Foster on the prayer he'd stay healthy.

I missed out handcuffing him because I wanted Matt Lienert on my bench and knew he wouldn't make it back to me. The team that took Warner would be selecting twice (his last two picks) before the draft would come back to me.

I do like Brees at QB and determined he'd be around until very late. As a result, I filled my K, TE and DEF before my QB.

I am happy with the three selections (Rackers, Miller and Baltimore) but recognize I could easily lose out against the fields in each positions.

Update [2006-9-5 12:6:47 by Eric Hz]: Manning went in the first round too. The other ten picks were RBs. I expect a run on WRs for the 2nd round. I got Torry Holt. Willie Parker, lamont Jordan and Brian Westbrook all taken before my pick. 13 RBs down by the 20th.

Update [2006-9-5 12:6:47 by Eric Hz]: I took Ronnie Brown #5. The team after me took QB Carson Palmer.

Update [2006-9-5 12:6:47 by Eric Hz]: I drew the 5th pick in the Yahoo! draft and expect to take a RB. When it comes back, I'm leaning toward a top WR if one is available.

Today is a busy day.  I have a live draft at noon on Yahoo! with a few friends I grew-up with and then the granddaddy of them all, the Sports Blogs Nation live draft on ESPN.

Needless to say (but say it I will!), today is going to be filled with football drafts.

When I have the results, I will post my team here and the full draft in a diary on the side.

Round Player Position 1 R. Brown RB

2 T. Holt WR

3 C. Chambers WR

4 D. Foster RB

5 A. Johnson WR

6 T. Jones RB

7 N. Rackers K

8 H. Miller TE

9 Baltimore DEF

10 D. Brees QB

11 M. Leinart QB

12 G. Jennings WR