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SBN FF League

Update [2006-9-5 23:28:20 by Eric Hz]: I am reaping some of the rewards of taking Fred Taylor in my swing slot as I have three RBs and do not need to reach for the Musa Smiths as my third RB.

There are better quality WRs in the pool to back-up my starting two, Matt Jones and Torry Holt.

I took AZ QB Matt Leinart instead.

With my next selection, WR Troy Williamson joined the squad.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]:I lost QB Drew Brees to the autopick but was still able to grab Tampa Bay QB Chris Sims.

Joey Galloway is getting those 50+yd receptions thrown to him by somebody.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]: Now I'm reaching. Instead of grabbing a goalline back like Brandon Jacobs or a QB like Drew Brees, I selected Arizona kicker Neil Rackers.

Could a DEF/ST be far behind?

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]: My first "real" gamble. With my 7th pick,#87 overall, I took Jax WR Matt Jones.

Please, please, please be the #1.

Just kidding. Mostly.

[UPDATE}Two teams are autopicking. This mean four of the highest rated players are going fast. I wanted Buffalo WR Lee Evans but he was auto-picked.

Kurt Warner went two picks before I selected. Given most of the remaining WRs are 800-1000 yds ones, I went with an 800-1000 TE - Todd Heap.

Let's hope Steve McNair hasn't all of a sudden come down with an aversion to throwing to the TE. he did hit Troupe and McKinney for more than 100 receptions combined.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]:With my 4th selection (#55) I took Fred taylor to fill my swing postion. i passed on QB Kurt Warner figuring he's only good for a few games or so or maybe more or maybe less. Too many "maybes".

My next pick is #74 overall. I'll be going for best value at QB/TE/WR.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]:I took Chester taylor with my third pick (#42) over Thomas Jones, Deshaun Foster, Jamaal lewis and Fred Taylor. Why? No competition for the starting job.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]:When the draft came back, i took Tory Holt. it was a tough call but I consider him an elite WR and the tops ESPN-ranked RBs remaining were Reggie Bush and Brian Westbrook - and we don't count recpetions.

And now the 3rd-tier RBs are going. When my thrid pick comes, it is going to be a reach RB or solid WR.

Update [2006-9-5 23:16:56 by Eric Hz]:I took Cadillac Williams at #10. Peyton Manning went 6th, and Chad Johnson #8. No idea I'd have to choose between Lamont Jordan and Cadillac.

About three hours until my big, 16-team, 17-round draft begins.

I've got the 10th pick and will likely take a RB.  Given 13 were taken before my 20th pick in my Yahoo! 12-team draft this afternoon, I do not have much of a choice given my 2nd pick will not occur until the 23rd selection.

Unlike my earlier draft, this league has an 8 player bench so everyone will be drafted.

This provides a much greater challenge than more typical FF drafts do because there is not going to be a pool of adequate replacements to choose from as the bye weeks begin.

Whereas one can safely draft only one kicker, DEF and TE and dip into the pool for the one with the best match-up during byes, that option does not exist in a league with 108 players on teams' collective bench.

I will update this post as I can with my first couple picks and the first surprise or two.