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Questions for SEA/CHI & GB/PHI

Open date: Denver, N.Y. Giants, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay

Seattle at Chicago 8:15 p.m.

The biggest question for the Seahawks is how back-up RB Mo Morris will do with Top 3 Overall RB Shaun Alexander out with a broken foot.

Will the Fantastic Four Receiving Core of Darrell Jackson, Babby Engram, Nate Burleson and Deoin Branch be able to make-up for any lack of a running game aginst the great bears defense?

QB Rex Grossman has been a surprise of this young season with no fewer than 262 yards passing in each game.  However, he has only one multiple TD game amongst the three.  Which trend will continue?

RB Thomas Jones is the undisputed #1 RB after 2nd stringer Cedric Benson failed to get one carry last week.  Unfortunately, Jones has not ran away and hid with only 180 yards on 60 carries and no TDs.  Can Benson be held back another week if Jones continues with that less-than-medicoricty?

Green Bay at Philadelphia 8:30 p.m.

Green Bay hit on as many cylinders as it could against the Lions.  Will that continue against a much better Eagles team?

Does WR Greg Jennings cement himself as the #1 fantasy receiver on the Packers?

Other than yards and TDs, RB Ahman Green is carrying the load on offense - 58 of 66 rushes by an RB and 17 receptions.  Good for him.  (Snide injury/fumble comment held until next week.)

Eagles RB Brian Westbrook is ranked amongst the best RBs of 2006. Can that last when it is mostly based on an 8/117/2 rushing and 4/47/1 receiving game last week?  Doesn't that sound like a fluke?

Last week, WR Reggie Brown led the team.  The week before it was TE LJ Smith.  Opening week it was WR Dante Stallworth.  Who will it be this week because QB Donovan McNabb is finding someone?