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Mets Play-Off Rotation

The Mets have announced their four-year $52 million starting pitcher, Pedro Martinez is out for the remainder of the season with a leg injury - in Year Two of that contract.

In his stead, the Mets' best pitcher is, according to manager Willie Randolph:

As for El Duque getting Game 1, Randolph's logic was straightforward.

"It's pretty obvious, he's been our best pitcher," Randolph said. "And he's a guy that if we need to bounce back or whatever, he can do that, short rest."

For the Mets, Hernandez is 8-7 with a 4.09 ERA...

The NL team with the best record, and prohibitive favorite to make the World Series (Not for long!), has as their Game 1 and Game 5 starter a pitcher with a 4.09 ERA?

(I know Tom Glavine is really their best pitcher, but rolling-up post-season success as a Yankee is all the Mets can hang their hat on.)

This recalls a diary on Fake Teams from August 15:

The Mets starters with Pedro, Glavine and Trachsel/El Duque-is solid, but Pedro is hurting right now, Glavine is Glavine and El Duque got rocked for 11 runs tonight....not looking good going into the dog days of summer...

I agree with user raygu.

Right now, the Mets have the worst starting rotation of all the NL play-off teams - Cardinals, Astros, Dodgers, Padres and Phillies.

Heck, I'd go so hyperbolic to say the Mets rotation isn't much better than the Nationals, Cubs or Pirates.

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