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Questions for AZ/ATL & DAL/TEN

Arizona at Atlanta 1:00 p.m.

The Cardinals are now in the midst of a QB contraversary following leaked word that Kurt Warner wouldn't start and then back-tracking from coach Dennis Green that Warner would, in fact, start.

As detailed here, the question is does Warner play the entire game?

The Falcons are coming off an embarassing loss on Monday night.  Can the West Virginia-inspired offense rebound or will everyone see why pro teams do not run their QB?  If the wishbone, so successfully employed in the college ranks, doesn't translate in the pros, why would anyone believe the WV derivative would?

If it does, then QB Michael Vick is a good play in yardage leagues.  If not, then he is an eight-figure mistake.

Dallas at Tennessee 1:00 p.m.

The Cowboys are nine point road favorites against a team that a few years ago was play-off caliber.  Does any of that pride remain?

Will QB Vince Young play this week?  Who starts at RB?  Does it matter if the Cowboys live-up to the linesmaker's perception?

For the Cowboys, when it's not T.O.'s injury status, it is now whether or not T.O. had a To Be or Not to Be moment.

Will the Cowboys be able to ignore this media frenzy?  Which team is QB Drew Bledose going to help win this week?  

Without T.O. does TE Jason Witten resume the prominant role he's had in the offense the past couple seasons?