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Questions for SD/BAL & SF/KC

San Diego at Baltimore 1:00 P.M.

How does QB Phillip Rivers do against the Baltmiore defense on the road?  With one nothing game and one good one, we still don't know what the Chargers have outside of LaDanlian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates.

Will Michael Turner be able to follw-up his performance two weeks ago, one that has the Chargers looking at an expensive RB combo next season?

The Ravens need only a minimal amount of effort from their offense.  Will that be enough?

San Francisco at Kansas City 1:00 P.M.

Eric Johnson filled in ably at TE for the broken-legged Vernon Davis.  Will he that effort?

The Chiefs have had two weeks to prepare for the offensively resurgent 49ers.  Will QB Alex Smith continue to perform well?  How about former Penn State QB turned RB Michael Robinson?

How about Chiefs RB Larry Johnson?  Will he have the type of game fellow pre-season Top Five RB Clinton Portis had?

Will the aversion to all things Chiefs' passing cause a top performance for the week to be missed?