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Arizona QB

When I read late Monday that the Arizona Cardinals were going to start rookie QB Matt Leinart, I immediately thought of a post I made at the end of August:

Warner's back-up is Matt Leinart. He looks to be perfectly capable of stepping into the high-powered offense of the Cardinals and matching any gaudy numbers Warner manages to produce before taking a seat on the IR.

Because of that, Lienert should be drafted as your 2nd QB before any of the bottom-feeding starting QBs are taken

From another post:

Thankfully, Arizona has a bye in Week Nine. This allowed me to grab his handcuff, Matt Lienart, as I expect Warner to be out of the starting job before the bye and can replace Warner with another QB from the pool by the time Week Nine rolls around.
As I followed my own advice and handcuffed Leinart to Warner, I felt the security of knowing I played the Warner angle correctly.

But Monday's QB change produced doubts. I expected Warner to lose his job due to injury. This would have eliminated him from getting the job back if Leinart struggled initially.

A QB controversy was not something I wanted to deal with each week, but that is what I have right now as Arizona announced yesterday that, in fact, Warner will start this week.

Does anyone doubt that I, and others who handcuffed Leinart to Warner, are going to see a mid-game change at some point and suffer a 5-13 with fewer than 100 yards and no TDs and a couple turnovers from our QB?

If for some reason you have a 2nd QB who in the top 3rd in the position, you should likely start him over Warner.

But if your back-up is someone like JP Losman, then how can you not start Warner with the receiving core of the Cardinals?