Baseball Keeper League Question

I have a big draft coming up in my keeper league and have a lot of guys eligible this year to be drafted.  These are the order I have them in but would appreciate some insight from everyone.  (I POSTED THIS ON MINORLEAGUEBALL and heard this was  the place to do this fantasy stuff)  
Position Players:
C-  Iannetta, R.Martin, Johjima,Napolli,Montero, Paulino
1B - Loney, Kouzmanoff, Morales,
2B -Kendrick, Uggla, Kinsler, Barfield, Pedroia,Callaspo, A.Casilla
3B - Fields
SS- Drew, Tulowitzki, Arias
OF - D.Young, Markakis, Quintenin, Either,Milliage, C.Young, Kemp, A.Jones, Lind, F.Lewis, Bourn, Cabrera, Hart, Guzman,Clevlen, Denorforia.
SP - James, Loewan, Lester, Sowers, A.Miller, Zumaya, A.Sanchez, Hirsh, Weaver, Saunders, Billingsly, Garza, Perkins, Pelfrey, Hamels, Gorzelanny, Mathieson (IR), Marideth and J.Sanchez.

I have 4 of the top 40 picks in the draft, one being #8 or #7.  I need pitching, so will probably go with someone that will be effective right away, then go with some bats.  I have Kendhal and Ausmus, and will be trying for a catcher as well.  

Who do you guys think I can wait on and whom should I pull the trigger on with one of these top 4 picks?  The league is big (20 teams) and we keep 40, so I need to make this draft count. The league is an APBA league that is based on stats from the year before.  Players cannot be drafted if they dont have a 'card'.  APBA players will know what that means.

Last year I got Connor Jackson, Matt Cain, Jon Broxton and Jeff Fiorentino.  So far Fiorentino is the only one not working out.  

Good job with insight on all prospects so far.  Lets keep this site going strong.


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